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Passenger application


White-label solution

white-labeling the passenger application with your company name and logo enhances your customer reach and brand popularity.


Booking interface

Being easy to use and comprehensive, passengers can securely log in to their account and schedule rides for their immediate or later needs.


Split the bill

The ride-sharing facility for your passengers to split the ride costs with friends makes their rides cost-efficient and extremely convenient.


Ride statistics

Using integrated GPS and Google Maps, passengers can track the approaching vehicle and the rides in real time and receive a summary of all rides.

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Driver application


Booking alerts

Drivers receive prompt and accurate push notifications on every passenger request and the status of all ongoing and upcoming rides.


Quick reports

Grant your drivers the provision to have a quick glance on their trip statistics, helping them scrutinize their daily earnings and payroll.


Street pickups

Reduce response time for customers by permitting drivers for Street pickups on their way, and thus eliminating the waiting time till the next request.


Driver referrals

Reward your drivers with impressive referral bonus on inviting their acquaintances to join the services and amplify your productivity with more drivers.

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Dispatcher panel


Flexible dispatch

The flexible dispatcher panel allows to switch between manual and automatic dispatching as per the convenience and customer requirements.


Real-time updates

The dispatcher receives real-time updates on all rides scheduled and undertaken to efficiently monitor and execute all passenger requests accurately.


Quick billing

The transparency of the application lets the dispatcher handle payments securely and protect your business from unauthorized transactions.


Activity review

Summarized snapshots of the activities of all the employees and customers lead to better decision making and impressive customer service.

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Admin panel


Complete CRM

Our solution’s capability to monitor and manage all aspects of the business serves to gain a greater understanding of all CRM activities.


Activity analytics

A well-implemented analytics module provides incredibly useful insights into the progress and assists in expanding the business goals.


Resource tracking

Track rides, vehicles, and drivers using a refined tracking module to know how well you are utilizing your resources and serving your customers.


Revenue and payroll

Instant access to advanced billing and profitability reports that can be monitored from a single platform offers you a simple, streamlined revenue management.

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More Features

Wallet payment

Host wallet option for both drivers and passengers for easier checkout and secure payment.

Call masking

Protect private information on calls and texts by masking the permanent number of the users.

Voice commands

Integrate VoIP in the dispatcher panel to stay in touch with your resources at no additional costs.

Loyalty program

Avail discounts and rewards to persuade customers to engage more frequently with your services.

Social sharing

Link relevant social media sites to bring on supporting reviews and feedback on your services.

Multi-lingual support

Incorporate multiple languages in the application to reach more customers at the global level.